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Quality 1st  will enhance your Instructor Lead Trainings by defining learning objectives and identifying the scope and sequence of the course content, ThinkingKap assesses priorities and determines engaging strategies that can not only hold learner attention, but also help them thrive within the learning environment

 Profressional Development

Quality 1st Instructor-led training (or ILT) uses the most effective engagement strategy of all human interaction to deliver content that wouldn’t be as potent on a screen. 

 We want to avoid boredom, but we also have to be mindful of what time means to our learners and their organization. 

Putting together a facilitated course seems simple enough since ILT is low-tech by definition and relies on skills most of us think we’re pretty good at like talking. However, it’s the basics that get people into trouble when designing and implementing ILT. Just because the format is simpler and the design process less technical, doesn’t mean there’s any way around the fundamentals of good course design.


We offer Private Workplace  and Group  Courses! 


Quality 1st offers private instructor - led courses and  certifications for corporate organizations and groups of 5 or more. On-site, and private training's made convenient.  Our classes are educational, professionally presented, and engaging!


  • flexible hours 

  • Certified Instructors

  • on-site training with NO TRAVEL FEES

  • no material or supply fees

  • tailored course to meet regulatory, or organization specific requirements


​We offer on-site, in class, full day, and on-line blended learning classes. 


Don't let just anyone lead your workplace or group training!  Trust Quality 1st to provide a thorough, engaging, learning experience.

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