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Get the Competitive Edge! While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Work ethic, attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

Our course offerings are designed to enrich your career by helping you excel in the marketplace. In today’s competitive business world, your technical skills are no longer key to getting a good job. Companies and organizations seek candidates who can communicate effectively, network with confidence, present with poise, among other smart skills.

Quality 1st offers hands-on training to help you feel more empowered in any business setting. Contact us today for a course outline of our enrichment programs listed below. We’re always adding new programs and can combine topics and design a program to fit your specific needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to share our complete course offerings with you and, of course, partner with you. Our educational programs are interactive with individual / group exercises, open dialogs, and takeaway action plans. They’re fun, too!

Do Unto Others – Leaders are made not born. This program shares the essential soft skills that define a leader.

Stop Selling and Start Networking  – Networking is an important business tool, which not only can assist you in finding a job – and perhaps the one after that – it also can help you become a better communicator, gain confidence, and build relationships. But networking isn’t all about you. Networking is about being genuine, building trust and relationships, and learning how you can help others. Learn how to converse with ease, execute the perfect handshake, and master proper a business introduction while also gaining other effective networking skills to make a memorable impact and grow your network.

Well Said – Effective writing is a powerful business tool. It’s the letter that yields a response, the email that gets action, and the proposal that wins business. On average, employees spend about three hours a day drafting emails, letters, reports, and other correspondence. Many struggle expressing clear, concise language. This program will strengthen your writing. You’ll gain grammar, punctuation, style, editing, and proofreading tips. You’ll learn how to effectively convey your message while avoiding overused and useless words and phrases. You’ll obtain speed and confidence in your writing to efficiently tackle other workday projects.

Make a Memorable Impact – Simple tips to remember names, whether you’re meeting one person or a group, the importance of eye contact and business card protocol. You’ll also master the art of small talk.

Converse with Ease – Don’t underestimate the power of small talk. Not only is it good way to show a little friendliness, it can be a powerful way to boost your career. Whether riding in an elevator, waiting in a lunch line, or attending a business meeting, striking up a conversation about what’s going on at the time shows openness, confidence, and approachability and leaves the recipient with a positive impression — all things people look for in leaders. Learn how to master the art of small talk, speak with confidence, make lasting impressions and connections, and shine.

Present with Poise, Power and Punch – Learn the essential skills of presenting so your audience is engaged and listening to your every word.

Brand You! Developing Your Personal Brand – Companies brand themselves to create an image, a recognizable spark that encourages their target customers to connect with them, remember them, and conduct business with them. We create a personal image for the same reason – to build a brand centered on ourselves that leads people to think of us. What is it you do that makes you or your work stand out in other people’s minds? This program will help you develop your stand-out factor to propel success.

If Clothes Could Talk – Whether you like it or not, your professional image reflects how people think of you. Wearing appropriate clothes for professional dress or business casual has a real impact and can speak to your success. This course will help identify the proper clothes for your workplace.

Time Management for Peak Performance – Procrastinate no more. Learn how to be more efficient with your time by better planning and prioritizing each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner.

Conduct Effective Meetings – Today, more than ever, time is money. Understand the essential elements of what it takes to facilitate a productive meeting and get the work done.

Workplace Manners – We know the Golden Rule, but workplace etiquette, respect, and common courtesies can sometimes fall by the wayside. This refresher course provides office guidelines to help co-workers mind their manners.

Media Training – Key stakeholders will learn how to speak effectively to the media and other audiences. Whether speaking to a reporter or holding a press conference, participants will practice conveying messages in a clear, concise manner while generating buzz, quotes and sound bites.

Give Back and Get Ahead – Learn how volunteering and serving on committees and boards are not only the right things to do, but also will help to build a well-rounded professional and grow your career.

Please and Thank You! – Table manners and dining etiquette are never out of fashion. Gain confidence and poise while polishing essential table manners and dining skills. You’ll be surprised by what you don’t know!

Business Etiquette Around the Globe – As business continues to expand globally, so does the importance of respecting cultural differences. You’ll learn appropriate international business etiquette and protocol to use when you’re hosting a meeting with someone from a foreign country or traveling overseas.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence and Why It Matters – Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be aware of and manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal skill in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it’s your EQ – your ability to connect with others and manage your emotions and others’ emotions – that will determine how successful you are in your professional and personal life. You’ll learn important techniques to understand, use, and appreciate the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace and beyond.

Tackling Tough Conversations – Skilled leadership requires knowing how to deliver difficult messages and provide effective feedback any time a conversation is due. Whether you’re providing tough feedback to employees, peers, or someone else in a formal or informal setting, there are ways it can be structured to be productive and lasting. Learn core skills to develop confidence to manage difficult conversations and deliver and receive feedback effectively.

Train the Trainer – Gain a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function. Through modeling of the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery, discover the 4Ps of training: Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation and Performance & Evaluation. New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

And More!
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