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This online only course provides guidance to employees about actions they can take to keep themselves, their coworkers, their families and their community safe as business reopen and workers return to work. It also provides employees with insight into new or modified policies and procedures that business owners may implement to maintain a safe work environment and protect employees health during the COVID-19 outbreak. The estimated course length is 1 hour.

Returning to Work During COVID-19: Safe Work Practices

  • A part of our mission is to train people how to respond to and prepare for emergencies. Designed by experts, our online-only classes provide an interactive and engaging method to learning essential safety and preparedness information and skills. When you choose an online-only class, you will not have the opportunity to demonstrate your skill proficiency to a certified instructor. Therefore, online-only training may not meet the requirements for workplace safety.

  • Once Payment if confirmed a access link to the Red Cross  Learning Center will be provided within 24 hrs. If access link is not provided contact

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